Checking & Savings Accounts - First Trust and Savings Bank

Free Checking Account

No monthly fee and no minimum daily balance required. Unlimited check writing. Stop by one of our branches or email us for more information about this convenient account. $100 minimum to open.

Regular Checking Account

No monthly fees, unlimited check writing and debits if you maintain a $300 minimum daily balance. If your balance falls below the minimum, an $8 monthly fee will apply, and each debit over 20 will cost $0.20 each.

First Club

No minimum balance requirements and unlimited check writing and other debits, all for a flat $12 monthly fee. We also provide you with your checks and other perks. Pick up a Personal Accounts brochure, or request one by e-mail for details. $100 minimum to open.

First Advantage

This unique account is available to those customers who have an aggregate daily balance of $10,000 or more in all of their accounts. Your first box of checks is free and you earn interest on your account! If your daily aggregate balance does fall below $10,000 a $10 monthly charge will apply. $100 minimum to open.

NOW Account

Interest bearing and unlimited check writing with a $900 minimum daily balance. A $8 monthly fee applies if the balance falls below the minimum. This account requires $900 to open.

Money Market

Our Money Market account pays interest based on tiered rates that increase with account balance. This account requires $2,500 to open and to be maintained as a minimum daily balance. A $13 monthly fee applies if balance falls below the minimum. Debit and transfer limits apply, please see account brochure for details.

Statement Savings

Savings account requiring only a $300 minimum balance to avoid a $5 monthly fee. Debits from this account are limited to 6 per month. Additional debits are $1 each. Transfer limits apply, please see account brochure for details.$100 minimum to open.